RPAL Members/Testimonials

What is the result of what we do?

By doing what we do and providing these products as we do it enables the RPAL Member organizations to spend funds normally allocated for these products on more urgent needs like veterinarian expenses an emergency care.

Ultimately these Rescue & Shelters are able to Save More Lives!

Listen to what a few of them have to say about RPAL programs and services:

RPAL Member Testimonial:

RPAL Has Been THE Key Factor In Providing Quality Dog & Cat Food 

“RPAL has been THE key factor in providing quality dog & cat food for the animals in our care. Without RPAL we would be forced to use cheaper brands of food which does not help when it comes to nursing back to health the dogs & cats that we receive into our care. Most of the animals we take in tend to be in bad shape and RPAL is our GO TO source for quality food, pet supplies, and some medical supplies. RPAL has even been there for us in a BIG way when we needed food but had no money, without them I'm not sure what we would have done. RPAL is a well-run and managed 501c3 that is a Godsend to the various Rescues that are signed up with them.”

-Tim R., Texas Regional Animal Rescue
We Would Not Be Able to Rescue The Number of Dogs & Cats That We Do 

“RPAL is incredibly important to Animal Allies of Texas' rescue efforts - without the services they provide (food, supplies, seminars, and more), we would not be able to rescue the number of dogs & cats that we do. If we had to pay for everything that we get from RPAL, we would have to scale back our rescue efforts by at least 1/3 and probably closer to 1/2. The food they provide is particularly important to us.”

-Kim I., Animal Allies of Texas
DOUBLE Our Rescue Rate 

“Since our organization, Paws 4 FurrEver Pets has been receiving dog and cat food from RPAL, we have been able to DOUBLE our Rescue Rate!!”

-Val T., Paws 4 FurrEver Pets
We Could Not Exist - Many Of Us Do Not Have Big Budgets Or Corporate Sponsors to Help Us Pay Our Bills
“Without RPAL support and ability to work and acquire low cost food, free food, discounted dog and cat supplies we could not exist. The RPAL Team works tirelessly to help procure the items we need on a daily basis. Working with R PAL you are not just helping one or two rescue groups in the greater DFW area, you are helping hundreds of groups that save the life of thousand dogs and cats each year. Just us St Cloud’s Rescue use 80 lb. of dog food a day. That equates to over 29,000 lb. of dog food a year. Many of us do not have big budgets or corporate sponsors to help us pay our bills. We rely of RPAL to assist us with the quality products they purchase or negotiate for. If you are one of the many firms that provide product to R PAL we applaud you and your corporation for helping us save the lives of thousands of animals.”
-Rosemary A., Cloud, St. Clouds Rescue


RPAL Tremendous Help To Us
“It is very difficult to get monetary or food donations to assist with the care of feral cats. This is where RPAL has been a tremendous help to us. I cannot express enough how much easier RPAL makes it for us to be able to provide for those forgotten cats. There are just not enough words to express our gratitude how RPAL helps us help the cats.”
-Sonya P., Director & President, New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary
They Are a True Nonprofit and Truly Help Keep Us Going

“RPAL helps our dog and cat rescue survive. It is so hard to keep going and keep up with the demand of the animals suffering. RPAL helps provide food and supplies which are so hard to get and a must. They share their knowledge and never seem to be afraid to share their resources. They are a true nonprofit and truly help keep us going.”

-Stacey W., Pet Connectors
Enabling Us To Save More Pets And Take Better Care of Our Fosters

“RPAL has been invaluable to our group for the last 3 years by providing us access to high quality foods, supplements and supplies at a fraction of retail cost, RPAL helped us care for our fosters in a way that we could simply not afford otherwise. We always want to feed our foster pets premium foods and provide them with the best of everything. Without RPAL, we could never be able to do that on a consistent basis, for the numbers of rescued animals we are helping. RPAL literally is enabling us to save more pets and take better care of our fosters than we could possibly do on our own.”

-Dianne W., Protective Animal League/PAL
 We Couldn't Begin to Afford To Purchase At Regular Price

“RPAL provides us with the top quality food needed to rehabilitate many of the dogs. We couldn't begin to afford to purchase at regular, or even sale, retail prices. Ditto other needed items like crates, bedding, food bowls, toys, collars, simple medical supplies and so much more. RPAL's mission statement says, "Help you help them." That, they most certainly do!”

-Saving Pyrs In Need (SPIN), A Great Pyrenees Rescue in the DFW area.
Without RPAL, I Could Not Do What I Do 

“I am fairly new to the RPAL Organization, but I just want to say that without RPAL and all of the products and service offers (like insurance card offers from vendors, I absolutely COULD NOT AFFORD TO GO ON. The first class quality of food, medications, and equipment offered at such a reasonable price is what enables me to take care of as many dogs as I have. Without RPAL, I could not do what I do.”

-Vickie F., Red Dog Haven
Regret Not Partnering Sooner 

RPAL has been a godsend for Good Shepherd Rescue of North Texas! Rescuing large breed dogs is a huge expense. Prior to partnering with RPAL, we were spending $250/week to feed our rescued German Shepherds and that cost is now about $250/month. In addition, access to low cost supplies and medications has encouraged people to foster dogs for our rescue. Having more fosters homes, allows us to save even more dogs. The only negative thing we can say about RPAL is that we regret not partnering with them sooner!”

-Kathleen H., Good Shepherd Rescue of North Texas

Double The Amount Of Dogs We Have Rescued 

“Because of our partnership with RPAL, we were able to double the amount of dogs we have rescued and hope to continue to save more lives on an ongoing basis.”
-Karen B., Twisted Branch Aussies
We Would Not Be Able To Save The Number of Dogs 

“On behalf of Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Inc., I wish to thank RPAL and the businesses that support the work of RPAL. Without the dog food and discounted pet supplies, we would not be able to save the number of dogs we currently have coming into the program in Texas”

-Celia R.,, Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Inc.
We Would Not Have Been Nearly As Successful 

“The work RPAL does to help us is priceless and we cannot tell you how much we need and appreciate what RPAL does to help us do! Last year we re-homed over 600 dogs and cats and without the assistance of RPAL to feed them we would not have been nearly as successful.”

- Eva S., Partnership for Pets of East Texas
RPAL Has Stepped In To See That We Get Help

“As a trend, donations to rescue organizations nationwide are down...a sign of the times and RPAL has stepped in to see that we get help in many ways to allow us to continue our quest to rescue and save these precious animals”

Save More Lives And Make A Larger Impact On The Community 

“RPAL provides a wealth of resource to nonprofit groups like TXSR. With their support we are able to save more lives and make a larger impact on the community. They provide healthy and tasty food that our kitties depend on.”

Alisa L., Texas Siamese Rescue
“RPAL is an invaluable to us in the rescue community.”
-Kelley R., Maine Coon Rescue
Would Not Have Been Able To Afford My Fosters 

“Dear RPAL without you I would not have been able to afford my foster's in 2013. I lost my job and dog food was just getting to expensive until I found RPAL with the help of all that you do and all that you keep for the animals I was able to afford dog food and keep my personal dogs and the fosters. To me it’s all about the animals. You have great advice and great products to help all. I hope to have many years of service with you.”

-Lilly L., Foster
Could NOT Do 

“I could NOT do this volunteer work without the help of RPAL and their wonderful low prices.”

-Bunny F., Foster


Funds Go Further And Help More Dogs And Cats
“Because of RPAL and the great service they provide our rescue is now able to make our funds go further and help more dogs and cats.”
-Vickie W., Texas Little Cuties (TLC) Rescue
Help Them Offset The Cost To Care For The Homeless Dogs 

“DFW Pug Rescue Club relies on RPAL to help us to provide low cost quality food for our foster pugs. We distribute the food we buy to many of our foster volunteers to help them offset the cost to care for the homeless dogs in their care. Their ability to provide this food is invaluable to us.”

-Lisa C., DFW Pug Rescue Club


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