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Who is RPAL?

RPAL is actually short for Rescued Pet Adoption League (R-PAL) a 501c3 Texas Non-Profit Corporation Federal ID #26-1857334. Originally established in 2007 to rescue and find homes for abandoned, neglected and abused animals in East Texas. After two (2) years of active rescue, and finding homes for hundreds of rescued pets RPAL’s founder Judy Griggs realized there was an opportunity to extend the reach of how many people and animals RPAL could help. By utilizing her knowledge, experience and expertise as a former entrepreneur, business owner and negotiator of multi-million dollar contracts Ms. Griggs established RPAL’s Pet Food Bank in 2009.

As of this writing May, 2017 the RPAL Rescue Center (Pet Food Bank) has distributed over 5,000,000 (five million) pounds of products and has responded on a variety of natural disasters in Texas.  The RPAL Team is currently serving over 145 member organizations of the Rescue & Shelter community in Texas and these Rescues & Shelters are collectively supporting over 9,000 dogs and cats everyday while they await forever families and distributes approximately 40,000 pounds of dry food and 15,000 cans of wet food every month to RPAL Members.

RPAL facilities include a 10,000 square foot food bank & distribution center in Terrell, Texas and has various warehouse/logistics facilities available to handle any overflow of products.
This year, Ms. Griggs indicated the RPAL Team is working to expand offerings to other areas in Texas and surrounding states.  Today we have distribution warehouses in Garland, Grapevine, Houston, San Antonio, Terrell and in the processes of finalizing Oklahoma & Louisiana locations.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about who we are and for all you do to Help People & Animals In Need!

We look forward to Helping You Help Them!

Paws forever and a day!

The RPAL Team


RPAL Rescue Center:
106 Business Circle
Terrell, TX 75440
Toll Free 1.888.473.7725
Email: Help@R-PAL.org

PO Box 279
Emory, TX 75440